Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Who Am I Today?


A follower of Christ and trying to reflect him

Focused on many tasks that need attending to

Faithful to my husband, and learning more each day

Full of dreams and hopes though Satan tries to squelch

Flourishing in worldly possessions, but they are just dust

Finishing and checking off some things on my list which feels good

Forgiving myself for shortcomings and praying for strength each day

Forging ahead to assist my dear daughter in Africa which tears me up

Funding this and that so that life can go on as normal for us all

Forgetting to read the Word and meditate daily-so getting back to basics

Fixing the flower beds feels like something in life is in order

Fretting over the rush of summer and time with the kids almost gone

Fiddling with trip plans so that we can have a few days to play

Finances taking up much time and energy, but worth it

Funny how things work out if we trust God to handle things

Frantically finishing another load of laundry and clean up in the kitchen

Whipping up ideas for a delectable supper of gourmet kielbassa for my hubby

Fragile emotions with tears while I have been writing this week

Father, come hold me near and never let me go!
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