Wednesday, August 12, 2015


He will not let your foot slip- he who watches over you will not slumber; Psalm 121:3 (NIV)

Typically, I would go out under a tree near the Guadalupe River for the hour of quiet time during our ladies retreat.  A chance to listen to God is such a blessing anytime. Yet, this year, Texas was struck by monsoon weather like never before and as a result, the outdoor retreat had to be held inside the church. 

Since I am distracted easily, I headed out to my car for some peace and quiet for my journalling. Initially, I looked up the verse written in my journal, which I picked from the table "at random". Psalm 121:3. God knew what I needed to hear today.  

I poured out my heart as I wrote and told him what I was struggling with. Then, I listened and copied down what I heard in reply.

He said:

"Hear me loud and clear. This step to sell your house met with opposition initially from the enemy to confuse you, but let me tell you, you are both RIGHT ON.  

That day I gave you the verse in Ezekiel 12:3. You understood clearly that you were to pack your belongings that could fit into a suitcase and set out for another place. You heard correctly that you are to go to Costa Rica. Three things I want you to remember as you prepare these next few years.

PACK-you can take some of your belongings with you- you are not going naked or without provision for your needs. There is some sorting and prioritizing you must do. Letting go of your dream home is huge step in letting me know you love me and my ways more than yours. You are packing and taking your trust in me to be your all in all. You are carefree to follow where I lead you.

SUITCASE-you really have to think and sort when you take a suitcase, but you know from past trips that you could have made it with far less "stuff" so pray for each item you take so you can joyfully prepare and look forward to blessed times.

EXILE-don't look back at what you left behind:
1) not at your dream home that is up for sale
2) not wondering if you should go at this time
3) not feeling guilt because of the family you are leaving behind for I will comfort and care for them all.

I am your provider. I CANNOT wait for you to freely share your gifts my love. To see my kingdom grow and become established in a mighty and pure way in the lives that you will impact.

LOOK FORWARD WITH JOY! Look backward content to know you have planted seed and that others will take up the slack. My angels will guard, encourage, and fight for your loved ones. They couldn't be in better hands, right?

Of course, you will miss being around to enjoy their lives, but they are happy to see you spreading your wings and living your passion and the dream I planted in your heart as a teenager. It is never too late and I have been preparing you for this exact time. YOU DID NOT MISS IT! This is the time that you will have THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE! NOW GO! Go out with joy!

We encountered some trials, yet we were delivered out of them all and now laugh and are thankful for going through them. Each time we see God's provisions.  

I will write more specifically in the future, but suffice it to say that God goes before us and surrounds us with his love. What he does for my family is not just because we go on mission trips, but it is there for each of us every day.  

Do not become weary of doing good.  Rather, refill, renew, and replenish your strength by sitting by the cool waters with our amazing God.  Ask him your questions.  Seek to know by listening, then move forward boldly into opportunity as it presents itself.

Be still and know that I am God.  Avail yourself of his wisdom for he is good.  His mercies endure forever. FOREVER!!!  Even when I least deserve it.  He is good to me.

My enemies come against me, but there is a force field that surrounds me in protection from their brutal attacks. The power of love pours out and is stronger in its influence to transform me from within. His spirit dwells in me and I in him. What a comfort to have this hope that no matter what, he's got me covered.

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