Sunday, May 24, 2015


For we are God's masterpiece.  He has created us anew in Christ Jesus so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.  Ephesians 2:10

Several weeks ago I was asked to talk in church about going to Costa Rica and I was given 2 minutes. Well, what God put on my heart would have taken longer, so I spoke briefly, but this is the full message that He gave me to share.

There are many things that are pleasurable in life. There are many times that are memorable.  It seems that those moments when we leave our comfort zone and reach out into the unknown to help another or to trust that we will have the strength or resources to endure, those moments in time are etched to leave a mark like no other.

Just like those men at the Alamo, who without a moments hesitation, crossed the line in the sand to stay and fight, when Travis told them that they could pare down the enemy troops to aid in the fight for Texas, as well as stalling for more time to evacuate farms and towns in the path the Mexican army would take to pursue and overtake the Texas resistance. Each man knew it was certain death since they were outnumbered 6,000 to 130 or so.  They bought thirteen precious days for General Houston to build up his army.

Abraham, Sarah's husband, was told to change their names. Sarah would bear a son and Abraham would be a father of many nations.  Genesis 17:17 states that Abraham fell facedown and laughed...then when the Lord appeared to him again with two angels at his tent, Sarah overheard.  She laughed and wondered, "After I am worn out and my master is old, will I now have this pleasure?"  At age ninety, she embraced the challenge.

So, in 2012, Jerry, Philip and I took a vacation to Costa Rica. We stayed for a couple weeks in the mountains, and then a week on the beach for Philip.  

The first night on the Pacific coast, we encouraged a new Christian from Wales, England.  As we stood out on the sidewalk outside our restaurant talking, I felt the Holy Spirit flow over me in waves.  It was so strong that I stopped and asked Jerry and the young man, "Can you feel that?  Do you feel God's presence right now?"  They both acknowledged they certainly could.  

That night and through the remainder of the trip, I felt God tugging at my heart concerning Costa Rica. I sensed that God was asking me again, to cross the line and accept his challenge to leave all and serve God in this country.

I continued to pray and asked for this to be confirmed to Jerry and for direction from his word in the Bible.  So, in July, I opened up my Bible, intending to flip to a new testament passage, and my eyes saw this verse leap off the page: Ezekiel 12:3,6- Ezekiel was told to leave as an exile to another place. He was told to only take what he could carry on his shoulders and to leave at dusk.

What this shouted to me was that we were to get going, explore, network, and then go in the dusk of our lives with only a suitcase.  So, we have gone each time and rented a humble place to stay as we seek God's will for us there.

Be willing to step across your comfort zone to dive into the adventure that your life was meant to be. Be ready to obey in small things.  Ask God's will before you choose your next job. Resist temptations that stand before you. Give that unsafe relationship up and wait for the right one.  No matter what the issue, be willing to cross the line and do the hard stuff to get it right.

Each day we have choices.  Leave your comfort zone. Obey God's still small voice as he urges you into your destiny. 

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