Thursday, March 22, 2012


Do we dare to dream of a world so perfect?
Do we realize how tainted and limited is our gaze?
Do we fantasize and stretch our imaginations to discover
The wonders of this lovely planet without disgrace?

I dare to let my thoughts race toward images aglow.
I daily want to lesson my limits.  Someday I will fully envision

For now, I strike out on a walk-about peering past the fog.
These thoughts, the sights, the sensations lift me higher than any high.

The Spirit says, "Come.  Come on and experience a refreshing."
The Bride says, "Come.  Come and take my hand, let's go together."
Those nearby say, "Come. We too are weary of this painful existence."
Then together we go.  Sojourners, we view the unseen through the water of life.

This reflection was made after reading the last chapter, chapter 22 in the book of Revelation.  God has planned a way to restore the Earth and all mankind who accept his gift of another chance at the creation that He envisioned when he made the Earth, Adam, and Eve.  I want to see this and be there.  Come along and take his hand and mine as we stroll toward this glorious day in freedom.

Pray to God, tell him you believe that Jesus is the son of God and and ask for his forgiveness of your sins.  Then, you will be assured of being with God throughout all eternity, instead of condemned to eternity in hell.  God loves you and desires all of his children to take advantage of the freedom from an eternity of suffering that was bought by the pure sacrificial lamb, Jesus.
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