Monday, July 17, 2017


     This morning, my parents and I awoke early. I had a plane to catch from Phoenix to Austin, so I wanted to get an early start on the day and spend a few last precious moments with them before I took off.
     My Mom was up at four and could not go back to sleep. Her cell phone had not been connected to the charger and it was totally blacked out and unresponsive.
     It occurred to me that I am sometimes like that phone. Often I abuse my body and don't give my brain the time it needs to reset through proper rest or a regular sleep pattern. My ability to function efficiently is reduced noticeably.
     Lack of sleep affects our memory according to Alice G. Walton, Ph.D., in Forbes Magazine. She also found that our cognitive thinking and ability to create or think out of the box are impaired. 
     Depression is more prevalent in people with five or fewer hours sleep or more than 8 hours over a span of days.
     Longevity and good health can be compromised when we continue to ignore our need of essential recharging time. Our body does not have the time it needs to detox our organs so we end up dealing with the effects of inflammation, as well as weight gain which causes our body to accumulate extra pounds.
     In children and teens, improper brain development is a permanent issue and the effect on grades is another that shows up in studies.
      As I consider my Mom's dead phone and the verse we read at lunch yesterday, "He restores my soul." Psalm 23:3 (NASB), I marvel at the intricate design that God lovingly configured into us during our creation.
     The Creator designed the human body with its brain as His masterpiece of genius that still boggles scientists and doctors. So much is still unknown about our control center.
     Balance and care are my stewardship of this gift. I will consider this more readily and will try not to wait until I have spent my strength ignoring this principle. 
     Sleep well and reboot.

Enjoy Goodnight My Angel, a lullaby for young and old, sung by Billy Joel.

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