Thursday, June 22, 2017


Life is a whirlwind of events, people, and emotions to boot.
Which way shall I go? 
Who shall I speak to? 
How shall I react?
You never know when you wake up what will be what, do you?

I wander along familiar paths and then life takes a turn, oh no!

When I look to find my way I find out that all the rules have changed.

Well, life is also an adventure, a thrill, always new sights and smells.
Which new thing shall I venture into, where shall I head next?
Shall I snort and laugh hilariously?  Or am I tempted to shrink away?
Only the day and the hour will tell... I cannot wait to find out.

Life is a destiny, for when you find that place you belong, that fits...
You sense a sudden warmth spreading like after a gulp of steaming tea.
It moves inside you then out again with the speed of a snail.
Massaging in such delightful contentment that will not be contained for long.

Life has its ups and downs, and at times is unexplainable in words.
Craziness both good and bad, shuddering and cold like an iceberg,
While other times so delight, that the warmth floods to refresh the soul.
Life is a whirlwind of the unknown and I am sure that it is best that way.

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