Saturday, September 12, 2015


"The food that keeps me going is that I do the will of the One who sent me, finishing the work he started." John 4:34  (MSG)


What will be the point? I wonder.
This is what I stop to ponder.

Of all the time it took to teach,
Years preparing me to reach,

So much behind me now I know.
Lost, so easily away I throw

These seconds, minutes, gone too fast
Hours and days not meant to last

How careless, expending energy each day
On frivolous choices; shards of clay

Inside there beats a grander scheme
Focused there it feels supreme 

Harkening to others' awakening dreams
Giving a push until fear careens

In its place, they find their feet
Planted in soil; life replete

Uncovering secrets some found too late
Rather found sooner, there's no debate

A life spent without a theme, no mean,
Might as well have never been

While wondering, how much I'd squander
A heartmap led me toward a way fonder

Peaceful, observing more closely than ever
Gazing into eyes of souls, whoever

Listening for clues in this endeavor
Waking at last to my forever.
--Christie Krull

So, how will you waste your life? Which will it be from the list below? 

A) Waste-to use carelessly, selfish, risky

B) Waste-to use or expend with no vision or plan 

C) Waste-to use or expend extravagantly with purpose driven by your passion for good.

I choose C. I will waste away, at following my passions and callings to lift others up; sending them whole and on their way. 

"Shadow" photo credit to Christian Philip Krull, IV

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