Monday, June 8, 2015


We're depending on God; he's everything we need.  What's more, our hearts brim with joy since we've taken for our own his holy name.  Love us God, with all you've got- that's what we're depending on. Psalm 33:20-22 (MSG)

Jerry, Philip, and I just landed in Costa Rica at 1 am.  We were weary.  The day stretched out into the wee hours and a drunken passenger made so much noise the whole flight, that I did not sleep a wink.

Waiting for us outside the exit was our good friend, Chino, who gassed and brought our truck to us.  

Jerry climbed into the driver's seat, eager to drive our Ford Expedition again.  Last May, he had driven our vehicle from Texas all the way through Mexico and Central America until he reached Costa Rica.  It felt like home to be riding in our own vehicle again.

As we drove along, we both noticed a funny sound in the wheels.  Jerry said he noticed a faint noise when he was down in February, but nothing this loud.  It was not a little sound like gravel in the hubcap.  It was a rubbing that sounded like it would cost a lot of money.

A couple days later, Chino and Jerry took our green SUV in to his favorite mechanic.  He looked it over and told us that a wheel bearing was shot.  The wheel might have fallen off at any time.  We thank God that it was not when we were driving late at night.

The mechanic called for parts in San Jose and we were quoted a price of $600.00 USD.  This was not what we wanted to hear. Next, he called another parts dealer to see if he could get a better deal for a new part, and in Cartago, there was the exact part we needed for half the price!

A messenger drove with the part to San Jose to meet Chino and Jerry in San Jose.  As he took out the heavy package, he explained to Chino that it was a miracle that they even had this exact part for a 2 wheel drive Expedition.  Their warehouse is not as large as in the capital city, but an American had ordered this same part for a 4-wheel drive Ford, and this one was sent by accident and could not be returned.

The parts store was thrilled to finally unload this part, so we were fortunate to benefit from a previous error.  Was it an error? or was it sent there for the time when we would need it?

God took care of us.  The truck needed repairing, but he arranged for half price parts.  We are so grateful.  The time for the mechanic will only cost us $40.00.  This all put a dent in our spending, but we are thankful and joyful for God's provisions!

We are depending on God for so much right now.  Yet, I perceive that He has just indicated through this experience that He is right here beside us.  He assured us that he is capable of providing for our every need.

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