Monday, July 16, 2012


     Busy school schedules, business demands, little league, and homework are all pushed aside for a week.  This is a week of connections for me.  We worked hard to get to a vacation spot to spend Father's Day with my dad and mom.  They traveled from Arizona.  We traveled from central Texas.  We met in the glorious San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado.  Our crew from Texas included My husband, his granddaughter, my youngest son, and I.

     This trip allowed us to shed the stress and oversight of a new little business for a few days.  We also get to spend days 24/7 with our young passengers to get to know them better and enjoy the sights and experiences through their excited eyes.
      A most precious connection of course was making it in time to wish my father, who does not look his age, a Happy Father's Day!  We enjoyed hiking up to view and explore the area near Treasure Falls.  

     Driving to the summit of a nearby mountain, a snowball fight at he Continental Divide, warming up in the hot tub, games played around the dining room table, movies, taking turns cooking hot meals at night, an evening cowboy supper with stories and singing around the campfire makes the time pass faster than a bullet train.
     We got to know the area pretty well while biking one afternoon.  Even the kids took a turn napping from all the exercise and fresh air!  What a fun day!  My husband and I enjoyed the workout as well as giving the kids our undivided attention.
      From miniature golf to hot air balloons to a mountain train ride.  The activities are great, but memories, and especially the time spent renewing family bonds is what it is all about.  We are closer, happier, and full-filled.

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