Thursday, March 29, 2012


So, do I find myself impatient?
Is there an unexplained urge to be unkind?
Do I feel that jealous bug relentlessly biting?
Have I bragged too much on myself today?

So, do I feel superior than most around me?
Is it rude words released that spin and seek a target?
Do I find that I want to benefit my shallow needs above all else?
Have I hastily blown up again and let that short fuse explode?

So, do I snap and spew demeaning phrases on those I love?
Is it more comfortable for me to hold grudges than to let them go?
Do I continually put people in their place with their past weaknesses?
Have I ever thrilled to hear that a good person fell into sin?

So, do I enjoy willfully giving into sinful passions and desires?
Is that really the truth I told, honestly? or do lies creep in?
Do I allow juicy tidbits of negative gossip to slip in and sully a reputation?
Have I been suspicious of the true intentions of a faithful one?

So, do I always expect the worst possible, instead of the greatest good?
Is it hard for me to see anything great waiting out there for me?
Do I give up easily on my friends? Do I fail at hanging in there when it's tough?
Have I let someone close to me down by unloving acts that pierce tender hearts?

So, maybe we both see ourselves, somewhere in the midst of all of this.
Is it okay to remain in the shadows?  No, much better to reach for the prototype.
Do we locate a way out of this rut of ugliness that looks for a way to sneak out?
Allow God, the author of love, come in, for he alone brings out our best.

So, maybe I think we should give it a try.  Let's try to find that better part.
Is it so far fetched to imagine that we own intentional power for good?
Do we realize just how much we can bring to the table in our lifetime?
Have the fortitude and the gumption to let LOVE shine in each interaction of life.

So, we're on our way to downloading loving thoughts, actions, deeds, and more.
Isn't it exciting to access and view our potential through lenses of love?
Do we exhale in gratitude?  Sigh! Days never again will be pointless and stale.
Have a time sporting delightful smiles, while joyful feet dance a jig today, tomorrow, and forever.

I Corinthians 13 tells us what love is all about.  The power and the inspiration to live out LOVE comes from God.  A life dedicated to Him and cleansed of our sin by Jesus Christ will begin to start a transition from the sinful bent we are acting out, and we will slowly learn and return to the original design that our life architect had for us.  You are a thing of beauty in His eyes.  He sees us as we were made to be.  He knows the heart he placed in us, to do brave deeds and to aid others in distress.  We are world changers in disguise.  Time to take the disguises off and find out who we really are so we can roll up our sleeves and make this world a better place.  

LOVE.  LOVE one another.  LOVE yourself.  LOVE others as you love yourself.  LOVE God.  LOVE came down and gave all to LOVE us into the Kingdom again.  Get all washed up, splash on that LOVE cologne, spritz yourself and all you touch with the sweet scent that will spread to all the nations and back again.  Be in LOVE now and forever.

PHOTO CREDIT goes to my son.  He's pretty sharp with the camera.  Good eye, Phil.
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