Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Scoffing is a plague to avoid at all cost.
Symptoms: Follows selfish ungodly desires,
Always causes division, 
Prideful, follows mere natural instincts,
And walks in the flesh, totally devoid of the Holy Spirit.

Cure: All Christians, build yourselves up in your most holy faith,
Pray daily in the Holy Spirit,
Keep yourselves blameless in God's love,
Wait on our Lord Jesus Christ and his mercy,
Wait on him to bring you to eternal life.

Be merciful to those who doubt their salvation or their God,
Snatch others from the hideous fire and save them,
To others show mercy, always mixed with humility and reverence,
Hate all sexual immorality, depictions of it, even the clothing stained,
And worn during fleshly, corrupt acts. 

Worship: To him who is able to keep you upright and from falling,
To him who will present you faultless to God,
To him who will present you in Heaven with great joy!
To the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power and all authority,
Through Jesus Christ our Lord, who was here before all began, now, and forever.
(Jude 17-25)

Vision: "Like a son of man" dressed in a robe
That reached down to his feet with a golden sash draped around his chest.
 Shining white hair like wool, as white as snow in the afternoon sun
With his eyes ablaze like torches in a cave.
His bronze feet glowed like a fiery furnace, and a voice like the rapids over rocks.

Held in his right hand were seven stunning stars
While out of his mouth emerged a sharp double-edged sword.
His face shone like the sun in all its glory.
To look upon him was to fall down as dead.
First and the last, once dead now alive forever, now with the keys of death and Hades.
(Rev. 1:13-18)

Do not miss out on the glory that is waiting for us.
Do not wallow like a sow in the mire of sinful pass times.
Do not harden your heart for it may be any moment now.
The son of man will come in all of his glory for all who are faithful.

The rest will be left on the Earth to face a terrible Tribulation like no other time.
Those left behind will cry out for the rocks and the mountains to cover them.
They will suffer immensely, though most will believe now, they will be slain.
Terrible wars, death will take a fourth of all that is living
Natural disasters never dreamed of, asteroids crashing on the Earth, 
Stars falling to the Earth, the sky will recede
Islands and mountains will be removed by these events,
The moon will turn blood red and the sun to black.

In Heaven, all will be silence and then the time of turmoil will end for those who believe during this horrible time.
(Rev. 6-the seven seals) 
The hard of heart who never bend a knee to the King of the Universe,
They will be judged and sentenced to an eternity of torment in Hell.
All the satanic hosts will be unleashed to torture relentlessly, forever and ever.

This seems grievous, and heartless to speak of this.
Instead see it for what it is.
This is mercy speaking.
Come, embrace the Savior who came to break the curse of Eden's sin.
He extends the invitation, longing to spare all his beloved and offers us a life eternal to enjoy in a paradise that we could never imagine.

Come, open your heart, receive.  Be at peace and filled with joy forever.

(From scoffers to believers:rather than despair, have the hope of eternal joy and glory.)


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