Friday, June 10, 2011


Why is it that it is so much easier to get it wrong, than to get it right?  Some days it seems that I go two steps backwards for each step forward.  We are encouraged when we get it backwards to look up and find our strength in God.  Maybe I am going to be closer to God by being honest and looking up to Him for all that I know that I need from him.

Or maybe we have it backwards...maybe we think things are going well in our lives when we find no resistance or negative circumstances, yet in reality...we are not doing well, because we are stagnant.  If we stayed in that condition for long with nothing to conquer, nothing to change before us, then we would end up like pond scum.  I chose rather than slime, to be as the ever beating waves upon the sandy seashore.

Salty, vibrant, ever changing, a mover and shaker, and with a rhythm that is easy to sway to.  Constantly in motion, to catch the sun and sparkle, this sends a message of vibrant life within and without.  So take me on this cruise of living one moment at a time and give me your vision to see your beauty and learn from each scene and each breath I take.

Take me back to the beginning and your original purposes for this Earth...not my ways, but yours.
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