Sunday, April 17, 2011


Like the dove which finds the cage door ajar and flies away
Like the prisoner who has satisfied the sentence and walks out freely
Like a butterfly captured in a child's net-then released
Like a young heifer tangled in the brush and set free

Like words of affirmation held back from our ears that finally flow our way
Like stern looks, frowns, and scowls changed to joy and peaceful countenances
Like phantoms that once hid and jumped -now stalwart-transformed from fear to faith
Like cursing, verbal torment now bubbling with kindness to gently uplift

Like a raging lion quiets down after having the painful thorn removed
Like an imprisoned princess when released by a valiant knight
Like a dry, dusty, travel wearied elephant plunging into river waters
Like a staked out family dog which is released when the guests leave

Like a city under siege when the marauding bandits are defeated
Like a hot sterile desert, now watered, blooming with life and sustenance
Like a bruised, battered child who now feels the tender love and nurturing deserved all along
Like a voice which had no reason to, but sings uncontrollably with deep felt joy

It is well, it is well with my soul
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